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Major Changes Proposed to impact NoFault Medical Benefits in Michigan

June 03, 2013
For the first time ever major insurers in the Auto Insurance industry are pressuring Case Managers to limit  information regarding care and services available to auto injury  victims.  In Michigan Case Managers are being pressured by insurance companies to restrict access to services, even though Michigan is the only remaining state which a has unlimited No-fault Medical benefits following a serious auto injury, says Marcus Murray, Director of Ava Care and Case Management, an independent Case Management company which offers Case Management and Care Coordination services throughout the State of Michigan.  

According to Mr. Murray the lack of media attention, and failure of Case Managers to unite, has caused many big insurance companies to behave poorly when it comes to honoring their financial responsibility to policy holders.  "ask any family whose loved one has benefited from Case Management services how important it is to have professional assistance when trying to navigate the fragmented healthcare delivery system.  Just understanding how to receive the best services when your auto insurance policy has a coordinated benefit provision can be an absolute nightmare".

Marcus Murray has been a registered nurse in the State of Michigan for over two decades.  Ava Care and Case Management, based in Clinton Township, Michigan serves individuals who have been severely injured in Automobile accidents occurring in the State of Michigan.  Mr. Murray can be reached online at

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